Our story began in 1990, with the formation of a company called simple.solutions. The name was a derivative from our belief that we could create software that would address specific problem areas and provide a quick, simple solution to them. The one thing we were sure of was our ability to understand the crux of the problem, and deliver a competent solution. simple.solutions worked with leading MNC's like Nestle, Whirlpool, Seagram..... in areas as diverse as.........

While developing software for these organisations, we realised that another pain point was training of staff in the use of software and availability of people who could be plugged in at short notice to supplement existing staff, but who could also be removed when that phase was over, to prevent an organisation becoming bottom heavy. To fill this gap, Tranco was created and this organisation worked in the areas of training, data entry, and supply of specialist personnel.

By the year,1990 simple.solutions had moved away from generalised software development, and started working solely in the arena of HR software. In time, we realised that we had a terrific product in our hands, which had grown organically, but could be shaped into a fantastic HR engine, providing end to end coverage of the space from Employee Data Management to Taxation to Attendance. We named our software promptHR and thereafter, we focused our business model on the marketing, customising and implementation of promptHR.

IdeaFarm Technology came into being in 2008, as a private limited company, with equal shares being jointly held by the two directors, Sunil talreja and Payal Talreja. IdeaFarm Technology is our new avataar, having taken over and grown the business relations and projects of simple.solutions and TRANCO. IdeaFarm Technology sells, customises and implements promptHR in over 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia. Having found our niche, we focus our time and energy in building strong client relationships, and we are extremely proud of our quick implementation time and the cost effectiveness of our solution.


Sunil Talreja

Founder, IdeaFarm Technology

Payal Jairath

Managing Director

Rajesh Saxena

Ex. CEO, American Express