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We at IdeaFarm Technology believe that creating a diverse and inclusive work environment as well as one that rewards employees for their contributions and hard work is essential for our continued success. That’s why we offer employees the opportunities they need to succeed both personally and professionally.

Join us learn what a career at IdeaFarm technology has to offer—and how, working together, we can change lives for the better.

Life @ IdeaFarm..

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to an environment that value and respects the unique talents, experiences and viewpoints of our employees.

Career Areas

Your road to success - By joining us, you'll discover that working for a leader creates endless careers opportunities for you.

Quality of Co-workers

At IdeaFarm we thrive to advocate a performance oriented culture in the organization. An individual learns tremendously from a highly competent set of professional peers and grows in the organization.

Reward and Benefits

The key elements of the reward philosophy at IdeaFarm Technology are based on its commitment to fairness in compensation, transparency and in communication.

Ethical Values

We are committed to take care of employees moral standard and their values, in terms of respect, personal, trust etc.


We at IdeaFarm Technology, believe in an adage " A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have, but how many leaders you create."